Leonard Cohen on Hydra - Songs & Tales of Bohemia  

HYDRA - Songs and Tales of Bohemia - Songs of Leonard Cohen


Review of the show 'HYDRA- Songs & Tales of Bohemia @ Hellenic Museum Melbourne 
November 14, 2015 

Review by Andrew Darby from the Leonard Cohen Forum website Re-produced below:-  

This Cohen/Hydra tribute event I attended last night (along with Cohenite friends) was simply brilliant, even better than the one I enjoyed last year by these two very talented Greek performers, Chris Fatouros and Spiros Falieros.  The show, as developed for this event, is the resultant of the collaboration between The Hellenic Museum and these two performers, under the umbrella of Melbourne Music Week. A driving force behind the show and the person who had a major input into it, is Chris’s father Harry Fatouros, whom I had the privilege to meet and chat with. 

The show itself is basically Leonard’s songs performed beautifully by the two boys, Chris masterfully on his guitar doing most of the vocals with his superb clear voice, along with Spiros on his keyboard producing a wonderful array of gorgeous complementary sounds. These songs were interspersed with audio-visual projections on twin screens, featuring commentary on Hydra, as well as pithy and humorous excerpts from documentary footage of Leonard (with just a background image of Leonard performing towards the end). The show was a well integrated whole and the choice of songs was most appropriate, in order as follows: Famous Blue Raincoat; Dance Me to the End of Love; The Future; So Long Marianne; Bird on a Wire; In My Secret Life; Who By Fire; Everybody Knows; Suzanne; Gypsy Wife; Chelsea Hotel; First We Take Manhattan; Hallelujah; closing with the rousing and well known Greek song, ‘Misirlou’.  

To sum up, this is the sort of show that is of so high a standard and of such supreme entertainment value, that it deserves to have a far broader audience exposure, definitely in the Cohenite world at least, something I would like to see happen if it is at all possible.  


P.S. A nice little bonus for me on the night, was as to meet a delightful flamboyantly dressed hairdresser (Simon) who loves Cohen and actually did Leonard's hair in London in about 2002! 


Review of the show at AMICI TRATTORIA 726 Burke Road Camberwell, Melbourne on Sunday 13 April 2014 at 5 pm

Review by Andrew Darby from the Leonard Cohen Forum website  Re-produced below:-

I’m not long home from this re-run tribute concert featuring two very talented local Greek performers, Chris Fatouros on guitar and vocals, along with Spiros Falieros on keyboards and vocals. 

This was such a nice little concert that lasted just over an hour and a half and which was attended by say 50 plus people. Chris is a well presented, confident and enthusiastic young man, with a very pleasant voice, very clear diction, and who is an adept guitarist to boot. Spiros, who is a bit older than Chris, was perhaps eclipsed to some degree by his younger partner, in terms of performance focus, but nevertheless did some enjoyable keyboard work, as well as the more subdued back-up vocals. Notwithstanding this, they worked very well together and complemented each other admirably in the more important respects. 

Most of the songs were preceded by a pithy little intro by Chris, of a biographical nature about Leonard and relating to the particular song about to be performed. (I think he had read Sylvie Simmons biography ). As might be expected, there was also a strong connection made by Chris about the significant friendship Leonard had with the Aussie writing couple, George Johnston and Charmian Clift, who took him under their wing when he was the “new boy on the block” on Hydra.  

The set list was as follows: 
1. Dance Me to the End of Love
2. The Future
3. Bird On The Wire
4. Who By Fire
5. Everybody Knows
6. So Long Maryanne
7. Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
8. Suzanne
9. The Gypsy’s Wife
10. Hallelujah
11. I’m Your Man
12. Thousand Kisses Deep (Recitation version)
13. I Tried To Leave You
14. In My Secret Life
15. First We Take Manhattan
16. Chelsea Hotel 2

Overall, this was a most enjoyable evening, not forgetting that it was a bonus to catch up with a small group of folk who had last met up at the local Leonard concerts here this past November/December, namely: Tracey (blonde madonna) and her husband Jim; Jenny and her friend Janet.  Following the show, the five of us then dined together at another Italian eatery down the road. So to sum up, I really enjoyed this fairly low-key “feel good” event and I believe a fine time was had by all.

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